Chap Club FAQ


What is Chap Club?

We are the official booster club for Westlake High School’s UIL sports: parents and community partners who fund new equipment, new uniforms, capital improvements, coaches’ stipends and training, and overnight trips. 



Once I’ve given money to my kid’s team, do I now have to give MORE money to Chap Club?

That is up to you. The funds you donate directly to your student’s team are often used for smaller purchases.  When a team has a need for things like large equipment, field improvements or uniform purchases, the team will make the request for funds to the Chap Club.  Your donation to the Chap Club funds these larger purchases.

For example, the Chap Club donates over $65,000 a year to the District to help fund the stipends that coaches receive for coaching, their professional development and training, and to pay for one overnight stay for each varsity team that travels for out-of-town tournaments. 

In addition, we have recently funded large purchases, such as hydration units, the weight room, and a new stadium sign to replace the one that was in disrepair.



How does funding distribution work?

Any funds raised by an individual sport are earmarked for that sport in the Chap Club budget. Funds raised through Chap Club-specific efforts, such as membership, Chap Store, merchandise, sponsorships, and our annual golf tournament go into the Chap Club general fund.

The athletic department or a coach submits a request for funds for a specific sport, which is reviewed by the Chap Club Board.  Board members consider the current balance in the team’s account, what the sport has requested/received funds for in the past several years as well as that sport’s current level of participation in Chap Club Membership.

Funds requests for items that benefit multiple teams, such as weight room equipment or hydration units, are evaluated by the number of athletes who will benefit.



Why do we as parents have to fund so many projects? Can’t the district just pay for these things? 

Chap Club members and sponsors pay for 75% of the athletic budget for Westlake because a majority of the taxes paid within our district are taken out to fund other school districts, known as “recapture”.



What sorts of things does Chap Club fund?

For a list of recent projects, click here.